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How To Pick an Attorney for a False Claims Act Case

How To Pick An Attorney To Help Report Fraudulent Billing of the Government and Receive a Qui Tam Relator’s $$ Bounty

The selection of an attorney to help you receive a whistleblower bounty under the False Claims Act is a very important decision. Do your own due diligence and never make a selection based on advertising. For certain  types of Qui Tam cases you might want to consider my firm, but not all types. Our specialty is to Go BIG. See our Big Case Experience page for disclosure on that. We especially like cases with digital evidence, aka Electronically Stored Information, but are not limited to that.

We also like to help other attorneys as co-counsel on the really big cases where they could benefit from our background. We have the experience and skills to handle the mega-buck cases and the track record to prove it. Again, see our Big Case Experience page and judge for yourself. Fraud of all sizes is bad, including fraud with less than a million dollars, but the smaller frauds are just not our thing.

The success of the whistleblower’s Qui Tam action, and protection of their rights against unlawful retaliation by any existing employer, depends heavily on the expertise of the whistleblower law firm. As you can see, the law is very complex. In addition to the thousands of cases already interpreting these laws, there are new cases coming out everyday. Interpreting the law correctly, and laying out the aspects of the facts and law that support a whistleblower’s claim for rewards, requires scholarly research abilities along with oral persuasion skills.

Qui Tam cases often take considerable time to bring to conclusion. We wish it were not so, and there are sometimes exceptions, but that’s the way it is, and you should know the truth. You need a law firm that tells the truth and one with strong resources, connections and qualified staff that can sustain your case for the long haul.

The law firm you select should also have long experience working with the Department of Justice and United States Attorneys and various government agencies. The success rate of any False Claims Act lawsuit is substantially greater if the government intervenes in the case. Your law firm should be focused on that. To encourage the government attorneys and officials involved to give priority to your case, the attorneys should be able to make an impressive oral and written presentation to them. Many can do that, but not all have the grey hairs and record and moral gravitas to do so as effectively as others.

Look out for the good talking flashy lawyers, the glad handers just trying to hustle in as many new cases as possible. That is, unless you like that sort of thing. Personally, we do not. But we do recognize that in the world of false claims it often “takes a thief to catch a thief.” The law recognizes that too.  We do not judge and we know how to put the best foot forward. What’s past is past, as long as you are now on the side of the good guys and have the moral fortitude to blow the whistle on past fraudster colleagues.

Bottom line, be careful which lawyers you pick. Again, do your own research and be skeptical of what you read. Make sure you can trust any lawyers you pick and can get along with them. You may be working with the law firm for several years. It is not an easy road. The defense can be strong, dangerous even.  Look for a firm that will be straight with you and not just ones with all the bells and whistles (no pun intended). This is very serious business, but if you can smile every now and then, that helps too.

Like I said, my firm is not for everyone. We will take a pass on the smaller cases, even if the fraud involves a crazy valued Pokémon card or a Lamborghini, as discussed in our page Everyone Agrees Fraud Is Bad.  Still a whole deck or fleet of cars will interest us. It is, however, much more likely that the big fraud dollars are going into bitcoins or offshore banks and money laundering investments, including especially real estate. Maybe it also went into a big yacht or two. We focus on the really big fraudsters (usually very powerful too) and the bravest of brave whistleblowers willing to speak truth to power.

George Coe and I have already caught and landed two of the biggest cases in history, but we have come back for more, because, well, one got away on appeal, and Fraud Is Bad. As both President Biden and Senator Grassley agree, there is way too much fraud these days. I dare say the biggest government fraud in history is going on right now. Let’s stop these con men, no matter who they are, or how powerful and influential their corporations.

Just remember, if you should choose to reach out to us, that there is a strict protocol for confidential contact. Please see and use our Contacts Page for that. Ethics rules governing lawyers do not permit us to consider any other types of initial communications. Also, please know that we are highly selective in the cases we choose to work on. As we explain further in our Disclaimer page, although we keep your information confidential, there is no attorney client relationship and we do not represent you until we both sign a formal written agreement. Still, if you you’ve got inside knowledge of a super-sized fraud, we may be able to help you land it and receive a megabucks reward in the process. We have done it before and are ready to do it again.

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